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The properties of Magnetic Hematite were known to be used by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. Artefacts and jewellery were created primarily in the belief that the mineral would enhance one's energy. For centuries the natural magnetism occurring in hematite has been used to relieve pain, reduce inflammation and promote the healing process. It is believed that a gentle but penetrating magnetic flux can aid blood circulation, removing harmful toxins whilst distributing proteins and minerals around the body to promote healthy new cell growth.

Various magnets are used in the Coppercraft magnetic bracelets, these include:
Magnetic hematite - a naturally occurring substance that an be ground and reformed into magnetic beads giving a gentle flux of 500-1000 Gauss
Neodymium magnets - a more powerful flux of between 1500-2000 Gauss
Far infra-red - an invisible part of the electromagnetic spectrum, penetrates more deeply
GE32-geramium - negative ion Germanium counteracts the positive ions found in and around office equipment and computers
Copper - not magnetic, but therapeutic... the skin is thought to absorb tiny particles of copper, forming salts which replace deficiencies in affected joints
Please note: Magnetic jewellery is not recommended for wearers of pacemakers or whilst pregnant.

In addition to the magnetic jewellery we also Coppercraft's fashion jewellery collection (not magentic), which features Swarovski Crystal elements. The Birthstone range of necklaces and earrings have co-coordinating Swarovski Crystals for the birth month stone colour and the Sentiment bracelet collection features semi-precious stones and thoughtful messages.

All Coppercraft jewellery comes gift boxed and is available for UK and worldwide delivery.