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The Hydro Globe

Keeps plants watered for up to 2 weeks! The Hydro Globe is a simple but effective way to water your plants. Available in 3 sizes, they are beautifully decorative and functional watering balls handmade by craftsmen using recycled glass. There is no need to worry about under or over watering your plants when you use the Hydro Globe watering system which makes it ideal for homes, gardens and offices at all times of the year. A beautiful and practical gift handmade by Craftsmen, ideal for pot plants and hanging baskets both indoors and outdoors!


Create a hole in the soil by placing the stem of the empty Hydro Globe into the soil at a slight angle. Remove the Hydro Globe and clean any soil that has collected in the stem. Fill the Hydro Globe 2/3 with water and place in the previously created hole. Refill as necessary.

How they Work

The Hydro Globe is wonderfully simple in technology, but extremely effective. The Hydro Globe works by creating a Vacuum. When the soil dries it releases oxygen into the glass sphere, which subsequently releases water through the stem into the soil, supplying the plant with just the right amount of water it needs.

Approx Size: Small: 5cms x 28cms tall

You will be sent a random colour or if you want to choose a certain colour please send me a message. There are 3 colours available:




NB: If the soil is very dry at the roots the plant will initially take more water. We recommend that you keep an eye on water levels when first in use until the optimum moisture level is obtained.